Planning Your Next Event

When you are planning an event, the most critical part of the process is choosing a chef. You want the food service to be exquisite and the menu memorable. When you want to create a wonderful experience for your guests, consider a personal chef service.

How To Pick A Chef

Consider the experience of the chef. The best personal chef has plenty of expertise handling all types of food preparation and menu variations. Remember that you want to have a bountiful selection of menu options to ensure your guests enjoy the food. Chef Markus Ford has been a personal chef for elite events and special parties for more than ten years, making him uniquely qualified to prepare meals for you and your friends.

Find A Full-Service Chef

Choosing a personal chef whether in Scottsdale or New York find one who provides a complete package. You don’t want to spend time and stress on the details of the party. When you hire the best Phoenix personal chef, you should expect extra assistance. Chef Markus Ford and his team provide you with styling for your event, including couture linens, custom furnishings, specialty lighting, and more. We want to create an opulent, over-the-top affair that guests will remember.

Based In Phoenix, Available Internationally

Opt for a personal chef in Scottsdale who offers a wide selection of menu items. Chef Markus Ford understands the many various dietary needs and preferences and will always go above and beyond to present you with excellent meal choices based on your desires. He and his team work closely with you to create exquisite menus. Together we will plan the perfect celebration. We are ready to assist you with any requests you have.

Your Special Event

Select a personal chef for your dinner party or special event with a team of skilled professionals. Chef Markus Ford has an extensive expert team ready to assist with every detail of your celebration. We begin with planning and communication to create a party that exceeds your expectations and makes your party one of the most memorable of the year.

Attention To Detail

Hire a personal chef with high ratings and testimonials from previous customers. Chef Markus Ford has a proven ability to provide high-quality services that clients love. We have many happy customers who return again and again for our services. We know what it takes to make a great party, and we pay attention to every detail to make that happen. As a leading personal chef in Phoenix, people across the community request his services. You can expect a fabulous party with tasty and beautiful food selections. Chef Markus Ford is available for parties of all sizes. So whether you plan an intimate gathering of friends or a large wedding or anniversary celebration, we have you covered.